Obama Advent Calendar

President Obama Advent CalendarYou met this cast of characters during Barack Obama's historic run to the White House. Now meet their holiday personas. Time Out Chicago called this "Best. Advent Calendar. Ever." A memento of a memorable election, it's also a great gift for political junkies.

See John Edwards, the Red-faced Reindeer, behind one door; Jesse Jackson, the Nutcracker, and Bill Ayers, Frosty the Weatherman, behind two others. And of course, the season wouldn't be complete without Obama Claus and Mrs. Claus.

A great keepsake and a perfect gift for Obama supporters, it's also a fun way to tweak Republican friends.

See the characters on cards and clothes at cafepress.com/oclaus

Order yours before this limited edition runs out.

Dimensions: 14.5" L X 11.3" H


President Obama Advent Calendar
President Obama Advent Calendar
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